Looking for a canner that can be used on your glass or ceramic stovetop or cooker?  Read below to find out why you can't find one, and what the alternatives are!  Scroll down this page for more information, and with NO obligation to buy, just click on the links in the Amazon boxes on the left!


Canners for Glass and Ceramic Stoves
updated for 2009

If you have a glass or ceramic stovetop, you may have heard that you should use a flat-bottomed canner, but you have been unable to find one! Or, you may have heard that you are not supposed to can on a glass or ceramic stove top.  Here's what I've found out from the manufacturers:

One of my suppliers asked a stove manufacturer as to why they were unable to find one. The stove manufacturer told they that on a glass/ceramic stove there is a sensor so that the heat can not go above a certain point thus breaking the top.

This sensor does not allow the burner to maintain an even temperature high enough for a canner to work safely. By fluctuating the temperature the bacteria is not eliminated in the canning process. Unfortunately this is not something the salesmen will tell the customer when they are buying the stove and probably many of them are unaware of this.

A flat-bottomed canner alone would not solve this problem.  The heat will still fluctuate and it won't get hot enough to get the big canner full of water to a full boil.

Another problem is that canners that exceed the burner diameter by more than 1 inch can trap and reflect heat to surfaces of the stove that are not intended to get that hot, and thus crack the stove top.

Now, having said all this, not ALL glass and ceramic stoves are identical in every respect, so it is always possible that yours is designed differently or behaves differently from the description above. But there are enough stories of cracked stovetops to suggest that regardless, an alternative might be prudent, unless you're sure it is compatible with your stove!

So, what can you do? Here is a simple solution: buy a simple and inexpensive single electric burner (shown below) or use an outdoor propane burner and you can use ANY canner with it.  Plus, it may come in handy when you have a lot of cooking to do and need and extra burner!  One big advantage to using a gas stove outside, is: there's no mess to clean up!  

Electric burners

How to choose an electric burner? I look for a robust design and the highest wattage I can find.  A single 1000 watt burner doesn't do it. A canner holds around 16 quarts of water, so it takes a lot of heat to get that boiling.  I've found that one 1300 watt burner will get the average canner boiling, but it takes a while.  So... to speed it up, I got a second burner, put it on the counter, right next to the first  and put the canner on top, straddling both burns - and THAT worked like a charm! 

Gas stoves

Gas grills, turkey fryers, large camping stoves all make excellent outdoor alternatives.  Of course there are two keys: make sure it has enough oomph (measured in BTU's) and that it is stable and won't tip over.

I've found any turkey fryer, most gas grills and the camping stoves below work fine. On rainy days I use the camping stove indoors (after taking precautions to open some windows, locate it on a flameproof surface (granite counter top, away from anything flammable, where children can't reach it, never leave it unattended, etc.)

See below for some camping stoves I've tried and used for canning.


Here's a summary of what definitely works, in my order of preference:

  1. The Coleman camping stove (Coleman 2 Burner Propane Grill /Stove) is perfect! It can heat a canner in no time, and folds up neatly for storage. The canner fits easily on the grill portion. This is, in my opinion, the BEST solution. And, of course you can use it for camping and tailgating parties!
  2. The outdoor gas cooker - great in nice weather, or in open, but roofed area, like screen porch, open garage, etc.!
  3. A gas camping burner or countertop propane stoves with a low, stable profile can be a great spare high-power burner. But if you do a lot of canning, the outdoor cooker would be cheaper to operate, unless you use the converter to hook up tp a 20 lb tank..
  4. One double burner unit. Lots of power, but it can be tricky to get some canners (the tall narrow ones) to balance and be stable on them)
  5. Two 1300 watt burners - if you want to stay indoors - two of these, side by side will work!
  6. Two 1000 watt or greater burners, side by side - since you can move them around it is both a plus and a negative - you can position them to be stable, but perhaps not a close together as the double unit.

And you can find a wide variety of water bath canners and other canning supplies on this page


Canning stove alternatives

To find out more about a stove (with no obligation to buy), just click on any of the links in the Amazon picture boxes below:

Coleman 2 Burner Propane Grill Stove

This works very well  You'll need 2 or 3 of the small green cylinders for a day's canning (see left)

Product Description
Fully adjustable cooking power up to 10,000 BTUs per burner. Large control knobs positioned in front for easy access. PerfectFlow(TM) ensures consistent fuel output, regardless of weather, altitude or fuel level. Durable enamel-painted steel case and aluminized cooking surface for easy cleaning. Heavy-duty removable chrome cooking grate and non-stick cast-aluminum grill grate. Folding WindBlock(TM) system doubles as convenient side shelves. Burn time: 4.5 hours on one 16.4-ounce propane cylinders (sold separately) - (Note: these are the green 10 inch tall cylinders so commonly sold, shown attached in the photo of the blue unit). Coleman lifetime limited warranty.

Blake: I have an earlier version of this, and as you can see from the photos at left.  All versions easily accommodates a large water bath canner OR a pressure canner. I use it for canning, camping, and when the power goes out!  Each model puts out 10,000 btu per burner (20,000, total per stove).

Mr.Heater 12-Foot Hose and LP Regulator Make Portable Propane Equipment Easier to Use

Mr.Heater 12-Foot Hose and LP Regulator Make Portable Propane Equipment Easier to Use

This extension hose with regulator makes it easy to connect your portable propane stove to a 20 lb propane tank (the same one your outdoor gas grill uses.  This makes it MUCH cheaper to use your camping stove as an auxiliary stove to speed your canning!



STANSPORT 5 Foot Propane Hose and Regulator Assembly

This allows you to connect a 20 lb propane tank to the portable propane stoves - much cheaper to operate,


  • Ideal for use with Coleman and Stansport propane stoves
  • 75,000 BTU capacity
  • 1/2 PSI output
  • 11" WC pressure setting, Regulator, 5'


Bayou Classic Single Gas Burner

Perfect for canning!

  • 13 in. Tall Heavy Duty Steel Frame
  • Large 16 in. x 16 in. Cooking Surface
  • Accommodates any size Stockpot
  • UL Listed 29 in. Hose, Regulator, Valve Assembly
  • 10 PSI Regulator
  • For outdoor use!
  • This one has an additional use: I put a standard Weber charcoal smoker on top of it (omitting the smoker's base) and use it as a gas-fired smoker - makes smoking and BBQ EASY! And of course, you can put a large pot on it and use it as a canner, turkey fryer, outdoor stew pot, crawfish boil, etc.
  • Hooks up to any standard propane tank.

Waring Pro Burner

I still think you'd want two of these, side by side, under the canner.


  • 1300-watt portable single burner provides extra heating options (part of their ad says "900 watts", but that is an error - it's 1300!) That's enough to keep the canner boiling, but it is slow to heat up.
  • Durable cast-iron plate heats up quickly and ensures stable heat retention
  • Adjustable thermostat; "on" and "ready" indicator lights
  • Brushed stainless-steel housing; non-slip rubber feet; low-silhouette design
  • Measures 10-3/4 by 11-1/2 by 4 inches; 1-year limited warranty
  • Everyone knows Waring's quality


'Big Bertha' 13" Propane Stove Cook Top - 30,000 BTU - Electric Start

I'm going to get one of these to try - it looks perfect for those long canning days or when you have a lot of cooking to do and not enough burners on your stove.


  • Extra-large propane stove burner for over-sized cooking and heating jobs
  • 13" diameter with 9"-diameter burner; produces up to 30,000 BTU with regular propane gas
  • Heavy-duty cast-iron with durable, easy-clean baked enamel finish; stable support for big pots
  •  Infinitely adjustable heat with built-in piezo-electric start; 24"-length, 4.5"H, 15 lbs
  •  72"-length 5/8" outside diameter gas hose with regulator and brass fitting for standard propane tank


Propane counter top stove 

Portable Propane Gas Stove 1 Single Burner Range BBQ

  • New & Sealed
  • 18,000 BTU
  • Made of Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Construction
  • Includes Hose & Regulator
  • High Pressure, High Temperature Resistant 9mm Hose
Portable Propane Gas Stove 2 Double Burner Range BBQ

Portable Propane Gas Stove 2 Double Burner Range BBQ

  • New & Sealed
  • 12000 &15000 BTU
  • Piezo Starter for Quick & Safe Ignition
  • Knob Controls Ignition & Gas Control
  • Specified to work with Standard Propane Tanks
  • Made of Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Construction
  • Includes Hose & Regulator
  • High Pressure, High Temperature Resistant 9mm Hose


Waring Pro Double Burner

I haven't tried this one, but it looks like the single unit above, plus a smaller 500 watt burner close by it. They look closer together than the Rival double unit below.


  • 1800-watt portable double burner with large and small heating plates
  • Durable cast-iron plates heat up quickly and ensure stable heat retention
  • Individual adjustable thermostats; separate "on" and "ready" indicator lights
  • Brushed stainless-steel housing; non-slip rubber feet; low-silhouette design
  • Measures 19-1/2 by 11-1/2 by 4 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Rival BD222 Double Burner Hot Plate


  • Independent controls for each burner
  • Heat resistant handles
  • Heating elements tilt for easy cleaning
  • Skid resistant feet

The units have a bit of space between them, so your canner will probably be halfway on each - which will still get plenty of heat, but you might need to brace it with another pot, brick, etc.


Toastmaster 6431 Eclipse Single Burner


Durable metal housing
bulletMeasures 10-1/2 inches wide and 10 inches deep
bulletCompact design perfect for buffet, dining table, office, workshop
bulletEasy-cleaning sealed, solid heating disk 7-1/2 inches in diameter
bullet1000 watts, 6-setting thermostat


Proctor-Silex Fifth Burner


9-inch-diameter hot plate fits in small kitchen spaces
bulletLimited one-year warranty
bulletSpiral heating element; chrome ring and drip pan
bulletAdjustable temperature control with three settings
bulletHeating element tilts for easy cleaning


BroilKing PR-S1 Professional Single Burner Range


1100-watt single burner range Infinite heat adjustment with dial control UL-listed with a two-year warranty
bullet11-1/2 by 3-1/2 by 11-1/2 inches
bulletHigh-speed tubular element with a 5-1/2-inch diameter



Canning books

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Complete Guide to Home Canning and Preserving

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